A study in Santiago de Chile, Barcelona and Stockholm. His work to done between South American, Europe and Scandinavia.
Currently lives in Stockholm and works in art direction, interior and communication.

#angelox a desarrollado su carrera creativa por mas de 15 años en las áreas de publicidad, decoración y artes visuales.

A estudiado en Santiago de Chile, Barcelona y Estocolmo. Su trabajo lo a realizado entre Sudamericana, Europa y Escandinavia.
Actualmente vive en Estocolmo y trabaja en dirección de arte, interiorismo y comunicación.

July 20 / 1977:
Born in the village of Florida 8th Region (Concepción – Chile), 1989: Moved to Santiago to complete high school.

1995 – 2005:
• Join the University of Santiago (USACH) career: Advertising
• He studied at Catholic University: Computer Graphics
• Graduate Performs: Visual Arts Faculty of Arts at the University of Chile.

Specialist studies in:

Creative Advertising and Visual Arts,
Centre d Escola Massana Barcelona Spain Art & Design.

International program of professional studies academe
Stockholm University.

Has conducted complementary courses:
• Archeology natural history museum Chile
• Film Chilean film school
• Plastic perception Carlos Leppe – Justo Pastor Mellado Chile
• Literary Cristián Warnken – Alejandro Jodorowski Chile
• Spanish American modernism home culture Alicante Spain
• Painting cultural center Alicante Spain
• Latin American conceptualism MACB Barcelona Spain
• Graphics design Folkuniversitetet Stockholm.
• Serie de cursos  en Ikea inrednin y logistic Stockholm.

Scholarships and Prizes:
• Scholarship President of Chile
• Fondart Chile • Alberto Hurtado Chile Foundation
• Painting Biennial, Alicante Spain
• International Graphic Network in the corridor of photography,
Chihuahua Mexico
• Fortum Östermalmsnytt Art Contest Award, Stockholm Sweden.

• Practic especial En depto comunicacion y deseno de interiores Ikea

Exhibition of Art:
/ Cultural Center Providence Chile / Balmaceda 1215 Chile
/University of Chile / Kennel experimental art center Chile
/ Contemporary Art Museum MAC Chile / Juan Egenau Room Chile
/ House of Culture Alicante Spain
/ International exhibition of artists republic Havana Cuba
/ Cultural Center of Chile Barcelona
/ Massana focus d art i disseny Barcelona
/ Concrete poetry Stuttgart Germany / Convent of Sant Agustí Barcelona
/ Antic Teatre Barcelona / Cultural Home Montevideo Uruguay
/ Gallery Esmeralda Space Free Buenos Aires Argentina
/ Galleri 3 kulturhuset Stockholm / ABF Hall Stockholm
/ Parallell Space Art Gallery Stockholm

/ New York and Miami
/ Series of assemblies and installations in non-traditional space.

Employment History:
– WCJ direct marketing agency – NetMark internet advertising agency
– Kx communications agency – MTM advertising and design agency
– Carlos Leppe productions mount scenery and ecenografia
– Projekta stand and mount ecenografia
– J. Campillo editing and production made stand, fairs and congresses.

– Ikea kungens kurva comunicacion y diseno de interior and logistic

Lives in Stockholm Sweden, Art director, design and visual communication, Make, assembly, production, show room, stage sets, show-window, stand and exhibitions in different cities in Scandinavia, South American and Europe.

Carlos Leppe Chile Art Director, Film and TV. Cultural attache in Buenos Aires. T: +54-11-4331 6228.
María Trinidad Merino Director of Advertising and Design Agency MTM Chile. T: 00 562 426 1280.
Roberto Botta Roussel, Director of Business Projekta, Barcelona Spain. T: 0034 933 003 699.
J. Campillo construction and decoration Barcelona Spain. T: 0034 933 360 006.


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